Slurpex Super Absorbent Chamois

"Slurpex Saves Your Carpet From Permanent Stains, it's the best stain removal tip you'll ever find".

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Did You Know?

You can use your slurpex to remove condensation from windows and window frames, it will save you washing towel after towel.

Your Slurpex can be used instead  paper towels, over and over, it will absorb more liquid faster and save you money!

The Slurpex is great for cleaning the condensation off your car windscreen and mirrors, just wipe and store your Slurpex in your car door or glove compartment


The Slurpex is a super absorbent multi purpose chamois perfect for Cleaning all those nasty spills and stains in and around the house, the car and the boat.

The Slurpex holds up to 250ml of liquid and it will not drip like a normal cloth, sponge or paper towel. It is ideal for mopping up red wine, coffee and other liquids that leave permanent stains. Click here to see how to remove stains from your carpet

The Slurpex makes cleaning and removing condensation windows faster, defrosting Fridges easier, and it can even lift old carpet stains. Read more>

The Slurpex is the ideal tool for removing dog hair and cat fur from your furniture.

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Slurpex removes stains and spills from carpet,cleans cars and boats